IAABO Ref-School

IAABO RefSchool is an online study tool that helps you review the entire rulebook and pass the certification test. Built from actual past IAABO exams and refresher tests, IAABO RefSchool enables the official to practice in their spare time, from any location, at their own pace, using the same format as the actual exam. Over the past 5 seasons, IAABO RefSchool has helped thousands of applicants prepare for the certification exam. Last year alone, referees and prospective officials from over 100 different boards used IAABO RefSchool to improve and refine their understanding of the rules by taking over 50,000 practice tests.

“All of our officials must take a closed book exam every year. Last year, we encouraged all our officials to use IAABO RefSchool. After the exam we found that those who used IAABO RefSchool scored an average of 10 points higher on the exam than those who didn’t. We were very impressed with this result.”
– Paul Behr, Board 403 Interpreter

IAABO RefSchool 2010-2011 can be purchased through the IAABO website (www.iaabo.org) for $25. With each new season, subscribers can renew for just $5 which provides continued access to dozens of new questions and all the latest rule changes.

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