Score Keeping


Prepared by the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials, Inc.

Scorers Card 2011-2012

-Obtain a roster of names, numbers and starters at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled starting time
—Recommended that names be listed in numerical order
—Report any noncompliance to the referee at least 12 minutes prior to scheduled starting time
-Communicate with other scorer (if applicable) after each entry into the scorebook
—Report any discrepancy to an official at the first dead ball
-Responsible for accuracy of the Alternating Possession Arrow (official record is maintained in the scorebook)
-Must keep a running summary of points scored (official score)
-Inform reporting official when a player has committed five fouls, two technical fouls; coach has been charged with two direct technical fouls or a combination of three direct and indirect; team granted excessive timeout
—Personal fouls and technical fouls are added together to reach the disqualification number of five
-Record team warnings: there are four by rule (official record is maintained in the scorebook)
-Inform reporting official when a team has no allotted timeouts remaining
—Each team is permitted three 60-second timeouts and two 30-second timeouts per game
—Each team is granted an additional 60-second timeout for each extra period; -Teams may use any unused timeouts
-All field goals are two points—unless the official(s) demonstrates the successful three-point goal signal
-Notify reporting official when a team has committed its seventh and tenth foul of each half
-Substitutes are to report to the scorer giving their number
-Substitutes are to wait at the X located in front of the scorer’s table until beckoned by an official
-Substitutes must report to the scorer before the warning horn sounds during timeouts and intermissions
-Substitutions during multiple free throws for personal fouls
—Can enter immediately before the final free throw
—Can enter after final free throw if successful
-—When there is a required substitute—all substitutes who have reported before the horn, required substitute has been beckoned—may
enter when beckoned
-Timer is not to sound the horn for substitutes until scorer has performed his/her duties
-When a player is withdrawn from the game, he/she becomes a substitute. That substitute cannot re-enter until the next available
substitution opportunity, after the clock has been properly started
-Participate in pregame meeting with Referee
-Wear official’s game shirt
-Be seated next to the timer
-Be attentive, accurate and maintain focus during entire game, avoid distractions
-Maintain eye contact with reporting official
-Maintain an appearance of impartiality throughout the game; You are the official scorer, not the home team scorer
-Remain at the scorer’s and timer’s table, with the scorebook, throughout the entire game, including all intermissions
-Home team scorebook will be the official scorebook—unless the Referee rules otherwise
-After the game and before the officials leave the court—establish eye contact with the Referee for approval of the score
-Understand that you are an official and a vital part of the contest. Your cooperation with the game officials and your service to the schools is greatly appreciated.

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