Timing Instructions

Timer 2011-2012
-Four (4) quarters
-Each quarter: Eight (8) minutes
-Half-time intermission: 10 minutes (Special exception: 15 minutes)
-Between quarters and each extra period: One (1) minute
-Overtime periods: Four (4) minutes
NOTE 1: Quarter shortened or running clock instituted by coaches’ agreement.
NOTE 2: Required substitute (disqualified, bleeding or injured player) is a 20-second interval of time, not a timeout
-Each team is allotted: Three (3) 60-second and two (2) 30-second
-Overtime periods: One (1) additional 60-second per team; Teams may use any unused timeouts
-Begin start of timeout on official’s signal to start the clock

-Quarter/half-time intermission/time-outs: With 15 seconds remaining
-Required substitute: With 15 seconds remaining
-Required notification of officials and teams 3 minutes prior to second half start
-Second horn sounds at end of timeout

JUMP BALL: When ball is legally tapped by either jumper
THROW-IN: When ball legally touches or is touched by a player on the court
MISSED FREE THROW: When ball legally touches or is touched by a player on the court

-When an official signals jump ball, foul, violation or timeout

-Sound horn for substitutions, unless legally made between quarters or during halftime intermission
-Before sounding horn, substitute must
—Properly report to the scorer and be ready
—Report before first warning signal between quarters, halftime intermission, or timeouts
-Disregard coach or player declaring “sub”; This has no part in the substitution procedure

-Be at table 12 minutes before game time
-Allow reporting official to complete report before sounding horn
-Do not sound horn:
—When official is ready to administer a free throw or throw-in
—During multiple free throws for PERSONAL foul
 —Do not sound horn unless ball is DEAD and clock is STOPPED
-Substitutes can only enter game before FINAL free throw and/or AFTER a final free throw is successful
-Understand that you are an official and a vital part of the contest. Your cooperation with the game officials and your service to the
schools is greatly appreciated

-Participate in pregame meeting with the Referee
-Be seated next to official scorer
-Be attentive, accurate and maintain focus during entire game, avoid distractions
-Maintain eye contact with the official responsible for putting ball in play
-Maintain an appearance of impartiality throughout the game; You are the official timer not the home team’s timer

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